Sometimes I hate having people I know following me on this. I need a place to vent my rants and ramblings without worrying about people asking who/what it’s about or even guessing and just assuming for themselves. :(

It’s really getting to me these days how I was so close to some people and now we don’t even speak… I miss so many old friends :(
I just love my boyfriend so much, he da best.
Had a lovely night with Jack, I’m so glad that he’s back! He brought me home a bottle of Jager and a bottle of my fave perfume too! He’s the best ♥♥
This time next week I will be experiencing a mental breakdown at the fact Desperate Housewives will be over, forever.
50 things I like & 50 things I dislike.
"when people copy you, take it as a compliment" no. fuck off. it’s annoying.
I hate having mixed feelings. :(
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